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Words That Hurt.


THE BACKSTORY: Matt’s mom is his mom and he’ll always loves her, but she definitely says incredibly bigoted things so casually. There’s some stuff that your conservative, homophobic, racist, and religious mother really doesn’t want to know the answer to… Well really, I think she does imagine she knows the answer and wants her disapproving thoughts on the matter heard. This kind of negativity about love and relationships is so profoundly narrow-minded that it’s haunting because it permeates our culture and bombards us even when we don’t want any part of it… And I am sure many people think non monogamy is not quite right on a more subtle level they are not as vocal about which can wear a person down too, I don’t think people realize how obvious they are about their prejudices sometimes, even when they’re not actively voicing them (you know, microaggressions). I know I fend off a lot of devaluing or ignorant remarks regularly, some are blatant and some are more subtle and insidious. The funny thing being that, to some of us, this kind of loving comes naturally and it’s something we’ve struggled to just protect within ourselves, to love without quantifications or ownerships. For me, it’s natural to fall in love with someone who is wonderful, regardless of who else I love, who else they love, their gender, their race.. It’s about how I feel when they walk in the room, or the burning desire I have to share my life with them, or our shared intentions in life, or wanting to hear their next story… Love is about how I feel for someone because of who they are, not to possess them or to attempt to fulfill some role for each other that society would assign us in relationships.

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