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That’s Why There’s OSHA.

THE BACKSTORY: Since narratives can be more influential to people than facts, it’s important to interrupt false and toxic ones.

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Coparenting Crisis Line.

THE BACKSTORY: Blue really did call at the right time on that day, I was freaked out as to what was going to happen to our child and they were upset in a way I had never heard them upset.  I really felt terrified I had permanently broke the baby by not catching them in […]

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Practice Eases Our Anxieties

THE BACKSTORY: Our child still misses their Mama but more and more they engage with their friends and family and build closer connections with everyone around them.

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Working Towards A Dream.

THE BACKSTORY: For the last quarter of 2017, Blue had been extensively training to learn a trade and she recently joined a carpenter’s union after all that work.  This period of time has been very anxiety inducing for our child as their Mama has been away from the house for long hours at a time.  […]

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Attempts At Reassurance

THE BACKSTORY: This was the tip of the iceberg, Marco experienced a lot of stress and panic whenever thinking about advocating for themself at their job because that company was built on the exploitation of latinx people, they outsourced a lot of labor to a call center in New Mexico, where the minimum wage is […]

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Panic Rises

THE BACKSTORY: The last few weeks of comics we’ve focused in a lot on the birth and the moments in the hospital just after not only because it is a really big life transition, but also because many of these moments the first days after birth really showcase some themes that we would grapple with the first few months […]

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