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Learning About Bravery From Abuela

THE BACKSTORY:  Our child has had some traumatic reactions to getting their blood drawn in the past, which is a fairly routine experience for kids to go through, but seeing their abuela go through the same process really helped them understand how it was.  Their reaction to getting blood drawn after seeing it happen to […]

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Preparing For Grief

THE BACKSTORY: There are certain things that you remember about your childhood very strongly, and this is a memory that comes up for Marco a lot.  Now that Hermelinda is going through chemotherapy, it’s come up more than ever.

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Mama Loves Ember And Ember Loves Mama.

THE BACKSTORY: Nothing quite describes the feeling you get when your child understands for the first time you request for a hug.  Love and appreciation comes so naturally to children, sometimes its hard to believe that there are people who lose that capacity or bury it underneath so much resentment, fear, and hate.  Children have […]

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Gone Camping!

THE BACKSTORY: We’ve been in the woods to celebrate Ember’s first year around the sun as well my 31st (shared birthdays are really convenient)! And this week, we’re getting back to speed after returning to the city, we’ll have more to share about our time after Ember’s delivery next week!

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The First Wave

THE BACKSTORY: We’re taking a break from posting the comic this week after spending the weekend in preparation for Artist’s Alley Comics Fest where we published the debut collection of The Feeling Is Multiplied zine!  The First Wave puts together a lot of our favorite stand-alone strips. If you didn’t get a chance to get […]

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A Spark From Within.

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Nothing From The Nipples Down.

THE BACKSTORY: That last panel depicts a moment that was particularly important for Blue.  During the whole procedure. she felt very attached to this nurse, who had been incredibly comforting and grounding.  Blue mentions in memory that, as she was receiving her epidural, the nurse held her in a way that was incredibly intimate and […]

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Just When We Thought We Could Relax…

THE BACKSTORY: We pretty much bolted out of that house with the abusive housemate, taking everything we had, including our garden beds and the dirt inside them. It was the most frantic move of my life and we were all EXHAUSTED. Poor Blue, everything before the move had taken a toll on her and had […]

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