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Trauma Safety Plans For Going Out.

THE BACKSTORY: This was a comic that felt important for Marco and I to make. Marco and I both deal with what might be labeled chronic or complex PTSD. Not only from abusive parents, but also from growing up in poverty in violent cities like Phoenix and LA. I went to Maryvale High School in […]

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A Brush With The Past In Wickenburg

THE BACKSTORY: On our way back to Portland, we made a couple of important life stops along the way. Wickenburg was a place I lived for some of junior high and highschool and my half-brothers live there with their dad. I hadn’t been able to reach them for a few years, but I managed to […]

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On The Way To El Paso.

THE BACKSTORY: During our train ride, we spent almost as much of time eating vegan snacks we had packed with us (hence the first panel) as we did talking! For the record, we tried Amtrak’s vegan burger and it was disgusting. I also spent a lot of time working from the road, which later proved […]

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