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All The Unknowns

THE BACKSTORY: This technician straight up did NOT know which dude to look at leaving the room! Another “Oh right, this isn’t normal for you” moment….

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THE BACKSTORY: He did seriously look like Bambi, and, daaaang, could he bite. He was rescued from the streets of LA, starving, only 2 years old and already long-abandoned. Such a hard life for such a little dog. Sometimes folks who have had it rough lash out in unexpected and vicious ways….

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  THE BACKSTORY: Emotions can catch one off guard, even when you feel happy for others, you can still feel insecure. It helps us to talk and be honest about where we are with our feelings, so we can be sensitive to one another and offer support.

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It’s Always Okay.

THE BACKSTORY: As I mentioned in “What We Need,” going out as three often inspires folks to make uncomfortable/inappropriate remarks about our status together. This one came during a really tender moment walking arms-in-arms down the street after a night of┬ákaraoke. For the record, any kind of consensual male intimacy is “okay” in any situation, […]

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Light Sleeper.

THE BACKSTORY: The three of us often pile into one bed for the night, unless we’re having date nights. Marco and I are heavy sleepers. When it’s our time to go, we go, even through the excitement of Star Trek reruns. If we want to stay up later than Matt though, we can’t do it […]

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My Partner’s Partner.

THE BACKSTORY: I seriously do love that word, I think it sounds beautiful… But I also love Matt and Marco just calling each other partners. I honestly sometimes feel jealous of the deep and committed friendship that they have. How do you feel about the word metamour? Tell us in the comments or write to […]

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