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Variations In Soothing Techniques

THE BACKSTORY: Nowadays, the thumb does nothing for Ember. It can be difficult as a non-breastfeeding parent to get Ember to sleep or back to sleep, they get a lot of comfort from being with their Mama.  But it’s a wonderful bonding experience, and incredibly empowering when you can get a baby to sleep without […]

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Let’s Not Get Too Far Ahead Of Ourselves.

THE BACKSTORY: When raising a baby, every little adjustment and step forward in autonomy feels like a massive weight off your chest, but all too often things happen in a pattern of “two steps forward, one step back.”  Sometimes certain things will get easier but other things will get harder. It’s always a process of […]

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Do Cats Think They’re Polite?

THE BACKSTORY: Mona seems to break into the room where Ember is sleeping or feeding at the most inopportune times.  Of course, in her mind she just getting her needs met: “Hey, feed me!” “Hey, give me something warm to sleep on.”

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To Lure A Louie

THE BACKSTORY: We soon discovered that Louie, our second foster dog from My Way Home Dog Rescue, couldn’t resist a good snuggle! Living in a polyamorous house means there are more humans to snuggle with. <3

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Light Sleeper.

THE BACKSTORY: The three of us often pile into one bed for the night, unless we’re having date nights. Marco and I are heavy sleepers. When it’s our time to go, we go, even through the excitement of Star Trek reruns. If we want to stay up later than Matt though, we can’t do it […]

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