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So We Had To Move…

THE BACKSTORY: I cannot fully express the pain I felt when I saw my partner being berated by my housemate in this way. We are all still working to unpack and  recover from this and other proceeding events that took place before our move out of that house.  It’s a long story that we won’t […]

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Que Sigue?

THE BACKSTORY:  Looking back, all the red flags that came up during this time with our ex-roommates really stand-out. For myself, I wish I had paid more attention to what both Rita and Hermelinda were saying and what I was noticing but not wanting to recognize before anything ever came to a head, because they […]

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Red Flags And Foreshadowing

THE BACKSTORY: Blue and I had a lot of time to talk while on this road trip. We often talked about Matt and how we missed him so we would call to check in. This was a moment where I was having increased anxiety because we were closer to home. I was very worried about […]

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