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Red Flags And Foreshadowing

THE BACKSTORY: Blue and I had a lot of time to talk while on this road trip. We often talked about Matt and how we missed him so we would call to check in. This was a moment where I was having increased anxiety because we were closer to home. I was very worried about […]

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THE BACKSTORY: This one goes out to Marco’s mom, from a happy moment on our way back to Oregon with Marco’s family, eating together with her three children. Sorry for posting a day late! We’re citing the having a baby excuse again, we’ve got a lot of plates in the air.

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Though It Was Dancing Too.

THE BACKSTORY: Sitting in trains and cars a lot while pregnant is not recommended, but I made a lot of efforts to keep active while on the road.

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Cats Over The Grand Canyon

THE BACKSTORY: We almost didn’t stop there, but I was so glad we did! A word non monogamous folks like to throw around is compersion and it seems like sometimes people think that’s such an absurd idea, but if you are happy to see others happy (like being with your family when they see the Grand […]

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Queerness And Science In Wickenburg

THE BACKSTORY: Note the football field. I am guessing students are encouraged to love football. I was so sad to see Project Wetlands at Wickenburg High School had died. I even wandered into the office and tried to ask what happened, but the person working the desk had no idea because it had been abandoned […]

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A Brush With The Past In Wickenburg

THE BACKSTORY: On our way back to Portland, we made a couple of important life stops along the way. Wickenburg was a place I lived for some of junior high and highschool and my half-brothers live there with their dad. I hadn’t been able to reach them for a few years, but I managed to […]

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Farewell To El Paso.

THE BACKSTORY: It’s hard to pack the lives of two people into two cars to drive across country. Marco’s mother and sister left behind many things, but, as Marco’s mother says, “They’re just things.” We finally hit the road after a few days of packing and playing tetris with all their possessions in their two […]

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