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Trauma Safety Plans For Going Out.

THE BACKSTORY: This was a comic that felt important for Marco and I to make. Marco and I both deal with what might be labeled chronic or complex PTSD. Not only from abusive parents, but also from growing up in poverty in violent cities like Phoenix and LA. I went to Maryvale High School in […]

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Mama Dysmorphia

    THE BACKSTORY: I have been spending a lot of time processing all the feels of the last year and a half, trying to heal both my post surgery body and my post trauma brain. Navigating postpartum everything while having chronic PTSD severely rekindled, a lot of my survival and coping has looked like […]

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THE BACKSTORY: Why is a question I leaned heavy on for many, many months as early childhood moves fast and I came into the triad with over a decade, professional, early childhood care under my belt… While my two coparents had literally zero. I thought I was a patient person, but the hypervigilance stirred up […]

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It’s Always Okay.

THE BACKSTORY: As I mentioned in “What We Need,” going out as three often inspires folks to make uncomfortable/inappropriate remarks about our status together. This one came during a really tender moment walking arms-in-arms down the street after a night of┬ákaraoke. For the record, any kind of consensual male intimacy is “okay” in any situation, […]

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