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Good Times With Auntie Danielle

Do you like our comic? The biggest way to support our art is to share it! Whether you retweet on Twitter or mention it in person in conversation, telling others about our comic and podcast is the best way to support us producing our polyamory-themed media! The second best way to support us is to subscribe on Patreon, […]

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Our Holiday Tree

THE BACKSTORY: Last year we had a small potted tree we decorated and christened the “Holiday Love Tree.” We had a neighbor that had given us some blank wood Christmas ornaments and we decided to give them our own touch. We are not Christian and, with my birthday being on December 24th, I’ve always had […]

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Everyone Deserves Love… And Pizza.

THE BACKSTORY: We’re not afraid to show a little tough love to each other, like crassly insisting to each other that we deserve pizza… Pizza and everything that saving each other leftovers represents. Sometimes you need someone to tell you to eat pizza. Or two people. <3

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