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Adjusting To Daddy’s New Do.

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Practice Eases Our Anxieties

THE BACKSTORY: Our child still misses their Mama but more and more they engage with their friends and family and build closer connections with everyone around them.

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Mama Separation Anxiety

THE BACKSTORY: Separation anxiety is hard for both baby and parents, it’s weird to be away from your child for more than 4 hours at a time, after you start to wonder if they’re going to be alright and what’s going to happen if you’re not there.  But after time, it gets easier.  Slowly but […]

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Working Towards A Dream.

THE BACKSTORY: For the last quarter of 2017, Blue had been extensively training to learn a trade and she recently joined a carpenter’s union after all that work.  This period of time has been very anxiety inducing for our child as their Mama has been away from the house for long hours at a time.  […]

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From Object Permanence To Projected Impermanence.

THE BACKSTORY: All of our pets have died in the last 6 months, and each time one passed, our child seemed to register it more.  The day before I took Bruce (our last guinea pig, brother to Fabio, who passed before him) to be put to sleep, we told them to say goodbye and completely […]

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There Are No Safe Words With A Toddler.

THE BACKSTORY: The beginning of 2018 has involved so many things in so few weeks and we’re trying to play catch up now, but here’s a little snippet of our moving experience as we change houses yet again to escape the predatory rent hikes of Portland landlords. We’re now moving further out into the suburbs […]

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We Will Live All These Seasons Part 5: The New

THE BACKSTORY: This poem is dedicated to our child. I love this picture I drew of them, I feel very proud of it for some reason.

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Happy Holidays!

THE BACKSTORY: This is the most accurate I think I’ve ever drawn my family, every picture is an amalgamation of several photo sources as to replicate the photo collage cards we all send out to our loved ones. Dear readers, we hope this holiday season is treating you well and best wishes for the new […]

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New Words Well Applied.

THE BACKSTORY: As you may have picked up, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry dropped the ball with their new exhibit on global warming and its effect on permafrost in the Arctic and Siberia by not including spanish language text, even though you’ll see other exhibits on green energy featuring bilingual text in the […]

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Letting It Out

THE BACKSTORY: There’s a misconception that being non monogamous or polyamorous means someone is dating with frequency (and sometimes that stereotype causes people to judge non monogamous people negatively), but being open to date or fall in love with multiple people doesn’t mean it’s always happening! In writing this week’s comic, we felt it was […]

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