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Slowly Coming Awake.

THE BACKSTORY: Taking Ember into the woods and the more verdant parts of Nature is an eye-opening experience not just for them but for us as well. Getting to see the tress, animals, and the surroundings from their perspective renews everything around us and is one of the most energizing and uplifting aspects of raising […]

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Always Remember To Read The Warning Label.


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What A Time To Be A Baby…

THE BACKSTORY: Every day is a sort of new meditation on what the future holds for ourselves, and for Ember’s life.  It’s interesting to me that 3 Reagan babies would bring a baby into the world just as another demagogic, actor patriarch takes hold of the reigns of power. There’s an all too convenient narrative […]

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Variations In Soothing Techniques

THE BACKSTORY: Nowadays, the thumb does nothing for Ember. It can be difficult as a non-breastfeeding parent to get Ember to sleep or back to sleep, they get a lot of comfort from being with their Mama.  But it’s a wonderful bonding experience, and incredibly empowering when you can get a baby to sleep without […]

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Let’s Not Get Too Far Ahead Of Ourselves.

THE BACKSTORY: When raising a baby, every little adjustment and step forward in autonomy feels like a massive weight off your chest, but all too often things happen in a pattern of “two steps forward, one step back.”  Sometimes certain things will get easier but other things will get harder. It’s always a process of […]

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Auntie Danielle Meets Ember

THE BACKSTORY: My sister has been making a couple of trips to Portland to see my partners and hang out with Ember while she figures out if she wants to move to this city.  I’d love to be able to see her more often, she’s a really supportive and loving sister. She’s one of the […]

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One Support Person…?

THE BACKSTORY: Marco took Blue to the hospital while I tried to meet a deadline on coloring an issue of Plants Vs. Zombies at the new house.  All at the same time, me and Marco were supposed to finish the final parts of moving out of the old house with the horrible housemates, and all […]

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So We Had To Move…

THE BACKSTORY: I cannot fully express the pain I felt when I saw my partner being berated by my housemate in this way. We are all still working to unpack and  recover from this and other proceeding events that took place before our move out of that house.  It’s a long story that we won’t […]

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Que Sigue?

THE BACKSTORY:  Looking back, all the red flags that came up during this time with our ex-roommates really stand-out. For myself, I wish I had paid more attention to what both Rita and Hermelinda were saying and what I was noticing but not wanting to recognize before anything ever came to a head, because they […]

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Turned Away At The Door

THE BACKSTORY: Pretty astounding when your housemates decide it’s a more bearable proposition to push your pregnant, exhausted, stressed partner out the door than to propose everybody works together to resolve things peaceably and make sure nobody feels unsafe in their own home.

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