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How Can You Love What You Don’t Understand?

THE BACKSTORY: Me and Marco have  somewhat different tactics when engaging with proselytizers, but to be fair the guy seemed a decent human being.  And he did actually ask a couple questions that intersected with our philosophies and politics, especially around distrust of American Empire and oppressive governance.  Sometimes I wonder if the future political […]

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Coparenting Crisis Line.

THE BACKSTORY: Blue really did call at the right time on that day, I was freaked out as to what was going to happen to our child and they were upset in a way I had never heard them upset.  I really felt terrified I had permanently broke the baby by not catching them in […]

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Practice Eases Our Anxieties

THE BACKSTORY: Our child still misses their Mama but more and more they engage with their friends and family and build closer connections with everyone around them.

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Tofu Projections

THE BACKSTORY: Our child’s been doing a lot of their emotional processing through toys and anthropomorphic animal dolls, but also it’s helping them generally open up about everything they’re thinking and feeling.  I’m amazed every day at the new things I hear them think and say, each day they come awake more and more.   […]

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There Are No Safe Words With A Toddler.

THE BACKSTORY: The beginning of 2018 has involved so many things in so few weeks and we’re trying to play catch up now, but here’s a little snippet of our moving experience as we change houses yet again to escape the predatory rent hikes of Portland landlords. We’re now moving further out into the suburbs […]

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Letting It Out

THE BACKSTORY: There’s a misconception that being non monogamous or polyamorous means someone is dating with frequency (and sometimes that stereotype causes people to judge non monogamous people negatively), but being open to date or fall in love with multiple people doesn’t mean it’s always happening! In writing this week’s comic, we felt it was […]

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THE BACKSTORY: Our child has always had a way of saying a lot with very little.  Very recently, they learned about cake and now it is synonymous for them with any celebration.  Hopefully they’ll take to pie in the same way.

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Learning About Bravery From Abuela

THE BACKSTORY:  Our child has had some traumatic reactions to getting their blood drawn in the past, which is a fairly routine experience for kids to go through, but seeing their abuela go through the same process really helped them understand how it was.  Their reaction to getting blood drawn after seeing it happen to […]

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Oh, The Wisdom Of Children

THE BACKSTORY:  Olive and Dingo, “The People’s Clowns,” are entertainers in Portland that you can check out more about here! There always seems to be some side-eye action from other adults when they find out about our arrangement of our family, but kids always seem to accept it no matter what, because, hey, parents are […]

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Negotiating Boundaries Between Cats And Toddlers.

THE BACKSTORY: Mona and Ember have had a fraught relationship at times, but Blue has found a lot of solutions to create a more synergistic friendship between the two.

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