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Nanny Mommy

THE BACKSTORY: I have been called nanny by many children, I have been pretty amused that Ember’s version of mommy has turned out to be “naaani.” In a weird way, it’s kind of grounding, it reminds me that I have a lot of experience guiding me in my vulnerable moments.

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An Airing Of Feared Shortcomings.

THE BACKSTORY: Blue has more than a decade of experience with childcare and its informed her in ways that are both intuitive and conscious. ┬áThat being said, it’s been challenging for Blue to raise a baby with two partners who aren’t experienced in childcare and aren’t experienced with the exceptionally difficult stage of early development […]

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Professional Experience Vs. Personal Experience

THE BACKSTORY: Blue has a lot of experience as a nanny and is surprised both by how much that experience has informed her and subconsciously guides her through motherhood and how much that experience is challenged in the realm of 24/7 parenting.

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