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There Are No Safe Words With A Toddler.

THE BACKSTORY: The beginning of 2018 has involved so many things in so few weeks and we’re trying to play catch up now, but here’s a little snippet of our moving experience as we change houses yet again to escape the predatory rent hikes of Portland landlords. We’re now moving further out into the suburbs […]

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Just When We Thought We Could Relax…

THE BACKSTORY: We pretty much bolted out of that house with the abusive housemate, taking everything we had, including our garden beds and the dirt inside them. It was the most frantic move of my life and we were all EXHAUSTED. Poor Blue, everything before the move had taken a toll on her and had […]

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Though It Was Dancing Too.

THE BACKSTORY: Sitting in trains and cars a lot while pregnant is not recommended, but I made a lot of efforts to keep active while on the road.

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Farewell To El Paso.

THE BACKSTORY: It’s hard to pack the lives of two people into two cars to drive across country. Marco’s mother and sister left behind many things, but, as Marco’s mother says, “They’re just things.” We finally hit the road after a few days of packing and playing tetris with all their possessions in their two […]

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