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My Community Refills Me

THE BACKSTORY: I am more than a cup, despite being a vessel of creation, and that give and take of feeling drained and feeling rejuvenated definitely finds balance with my close community.  I am so thankful for that balance.

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TFW You’re An Empty Cup

THE BACKSTORY: I’ve been writing more towards working on processing postpartum depression feels and my experiences, here we go digging deeper into my vulnerable self-healing and adjusting to motherhood over the next few comics…

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Nanny Mommy

THE BACKSTORY: I have been called nanny by many children, I have been pretty amused that Ember’s version of mommy has turned out to be “naaani.” In a weird way, it’s kind of grounding, it reminds me that I have a lot of experience guiding me in my vulnerable moments.

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Mama Loves Ember And Ember Loves Mama.

THE BACKSTORY: Nothing quite describes the feeling you get when your child understands for the first time you request for a hug.  Love and appreciation comes so naturally to children, sometimes its hard to believe that there are people who lose that capacity or bury it underneath so much resentment, fear, and hate.  Children have […]

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Feeling Neglected? + Emerald City Comic Con

THE BACKSTORY: Transitioning into parenthood is intense and any kind of big identity transition can complicate the intimacy between people (not to mention other life complicating circumstances swirling about, like dealing with the fallout from trauma). Things can get away from you, you can take certain comforts for granted, especially when you’re vulnerable and struggling to […]

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THE BACKSTORY: Why is a question I leaned heavy on for many, many months as early childhood moves fast and I came into the triad with over a decade, professional, early childhood care under my belt… While my two coparents had literally zero. I thought I was a patient person, but the hypervigilance stirred up […]

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Panic Begins To Set In

THE BACKSTORY: I felt really nurtured in the hospital, very understood, very comfortable. Everything was siple and focused, I could just rest, feed the baby, eat food, and read (I was making my way through Heaven’s Queen, I believe, the Paradox series is a must read). In our new house there would be quiet, but I […]

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Choice Revisited

THE BACKSTORY: I wish I could have seen my damn intestines. I wasn’t exactly planning a cesarean, but I wanted to accept it as my reality with bravery and thankfulness. There is no one way to give birth, but I feel like every way you can give birth is brave. I wanted to watch them […]

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THE BACKSTORY: This one goes out to Marco’s mom, from a happy moment on our way back to Oregon with Marco’s family, eating together with her three children. Sorry for posting a day late! We’re citing the having a baby excuse again, we’ve got a lot of plates in the air.

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