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We Will Live All These Seasons Part 4: The Fellowship

THE BACKSTORY: This poem is in dedication to Marco and their commitment to me as their partner and co-parent.  We’ve had a number of challenging events in the last couple of years as well and this poem is me reflection on how I think about them and relate to them.  Me and Marco have talked […]

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Dear Meeting My Metamour…

I will be meeting my metamour for the first time in a few weeks and I’m so nervous! I have been in a relationship with T for about a year, T has been in a long distance relationship with M for about nine months. I know they’re in love and M is moving to our […]

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My Partner’s Partner.

THE BACKSTORY: I seriously do love that word, I think it sounds beautiful… But I also love Matt and Marco just calling each other partners. I honestly sometimes feel jealous of the deep and committed friendship that they have. How do you feel about the word metamour? Tell us in the comments or write to […]

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