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THE BACKSTORY: Ember meets their Abuela and Tía!!

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OMG, A PODCAST? Sharing Is Caring is changing…

Here’s a MAJOR UPDATE from Blue! I have had trouble being motivated to sit and write since becoming pregnant and having a baby and I already have a few other writing projects, so putting out Sharing Is Caring material every week totally got back-burnered. I’ve been plotting to engage with this project in a more meaningful way […]

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Told You So

THE BACKSTORY: It’s pretty adorable to all of us that Matt and our baby share the same birthday! It’s also nice to get these birth comics wrapped up just before the baby’s first birthday. We apologize for posting the comic late, but our internet was down yesterday, so we just let it go into the […]

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Choice Revisited

THE BACKSTORY: I wish I could have seen my damn intestines. I wasn’t exactly planning a cesarean, but I wanted to accept it as my reality with bravery and thankfulness. There is no one way to give birth, but I feel like every way you can give birth is brave. I wanted to watch them […]

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Cats Over The Grand Canyon

THE BACKSTORY: We almost didn’t stop there, but I was so glad we did! A word non monogamous folks like to throw around is compersion and it seems like sometimes people think that’s such an absurd idea, but if you are happy to see others happy (like being with your family when they see the Grand […]

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Queerness And Science In Wickenburg

THE BACKSTORY: Note the football field. I am guessing students are encouraged to love football. I was so sad to see Project Wetlands at Wickenburg High School had died. I even wandered into the office and tried to ask what happened, but the person working the desk had no idea because it had been abandoned […]

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A Brush With The Past In Wickenburg

THE BACKSTORY: On our way back to Portland, we made a couple of important life stops along the way. Wickenburg was a place I lived for some of junior high and highschool and my half-brothers live there with their dad. I hadn’t been able to reach them for a few years, but I managed to […]

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THE BACKSTORY: Animals love cuddling with Matt, he’s warm and his presence is calming…  He also works from home, so he had a lot of quality time with the foster dog Louie, our cat Mona, and the guinea pigs.

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Fiesta de Despedida

THE BACKSTORY: A lot of Marco’s family lives in El Paso, so they threw his mother and sister a going away party. it was very nice to talk to all the of the family and so many of Marco’s family members said encouraging things to Marco and went out of their way to welcome me […]

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Welcome To El Paso.

THE BACKSTORY: It was really hot, but so great to be off the train! From here and on people kept expecting me to not know Spanish, often with humorous results. Everyone was so excited to see each other we almost lost Rita’s phone when we left the train station from the top of Rita’s car […]

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