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Slowing Down

THE BACKSTORY: I experienced an overwhelming depression after Ember’s birth, feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the responsibility for a human being’s life: an especially vulnerable, small life, that seemed hard for me to understand at the time.  Much of my time during those first four months were spent throwing myself into work and neglecting […]

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Feeling Neglected? + Emerald City Comic Con

THE BACKSTORY: Transitioning into parenthood is intense and any kind of big identity transition can complicate the intimacy between people (not to mention other life complicating circumstances swirling about, like dealing with the fallout from trauma). Things can get away from you, you can take certain comforts for granted, especially when you’re vulnerable and struggling to […]

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It’s Always Okay.

THE BACKSTORY: As I mentioned in “What We Need,” going out as three often inspires folks to make uncomfortable/inappropriate remarks about our status together. This one came during a really tender moment walking arms-in-arms down the street after a night of karaoke. For the record, any kind of consensual male intimacy is “okay” in any situation, […]

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