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That’s Why There’s OSHA.

THE BACKSTORY: Since narratives can be more influential to people than facts, it’s important to interrupt false and toxic ones.

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Gender Assignment VS Autonomy + Polyshipping

This episode we dig into child rearing without gender assigning and what creating space for gender autonomy has meant to us as a non monogamous family. And we kind of implore you to consider trying it. We also share a submission to our polyshipping game… Spoiler alert: It’s a Star Wars one! Do you want […]

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Queerness And Science In Wickenburg

THE BACKSTORY: Note the football field. I am guessing students are encouraged to love football. I was so sad to see Project Wetlands at Wickenburg High School had died. I even wandered into the office and tried to ask what happened, but the person working the desk had no idea because it had been abandoned […]

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Let’s Talk About Sex…

THE BACKSTORY: We believe in gender self-determination, don’t believe that gender is binary, and plan to not assign our child a gender, doing gender neutral parenting. When you’re pregnant, however, one of the top questions  you get is asking your baby’s gender (if not the number one). Marco and I both have complicated relationships with our own gender […]

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Ms. Blue

THE BACKSTORY: This student (name changed, obviously) is one I’ve had in my zines/comics class for a couple years who I love, she’s a great artist and very sharp. While I don’t talk about my non monogamous life very directly with my students (they are middle schoolers), my boss with the extended day program knows […]

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Dear Wondering…

“I am in my early twenties and really inexperienced with relationships, but I happen to be with a guy at the moment. I am not sure if I am in love and I think I might also be bisexual. I am curious about dating other people and dating women, but my boyfriend wants to be […]

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