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Just When We Thought We Could Relax…

THE BACKSTORY: We pretty much bolted out of that house with the abusive housemate, taking everything we had, including our garden beds and the dirt inside them. It was the most frantic move of my life and we were all EXHAUSTED. Poor Blue, everything before the move had taken a toll on her and had […]

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So We Had To Move…

THE BACKSTORY: I cannot fully express the pain I felt when I saw my partner being berated by my housemate in this way. We are all still working to unpack and ┬árecover from this and other proceeding events that took place before our move out of that house. ┬áIt’s a long story that we won’t […]

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Turned Away At The Door

THE BACKSTORY: Pretty astounding when your housemates decide it’s a more bearable proposition to push your pregnant, exhausted, stressed partner out the door than to propose everybody works together to resolve things peaceably and make sure nobody feels unsafe in their own home.

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