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Attempts At Reassurance

THE BACKSTORY: This was the tip of the iceberg, Marco experienced a lot of stress and panic whenever thinking about advocating for themself at their job because that company was built on the exploitation of latinx people, they outsourced a lot of labor to a call center in New Mexico, where the minimum wage is […]

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It’s A Full-Time Job Being A Baby.

THE BACKSTORY: Marco was really into that hearing test! Nothing to excite scifi nerds like scientific gadgets for sociological benefits! Marco and Matt both slept at the hospital with me at OHSU, what sweeties!

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Told You So

THE BACKSTORY: It’s pretty adorable to all of us that Matt and our baby share the same birthday! It’s also nice to get these birth comics wrapped up just before the baby’s first birthday. We apologize for posting the comic late, but our internet was down yesterday, so we just let it go into the […]

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One Support Person…?

THE BACKSTORY: Marco took Blue to the hospital while I tried to meet a deadline on coloring an issue of Plants Vs. Zombies at the new house. ¬†All at the same time, me and Marco were supposed to finish the final parts of moving out of the old house with the horrible housemates, and all […]

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