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Finally Heading Home.

THE BACKSTORY: There was a lot of concern about how well Blue was going to be able to move around and lift Ember after leaving the hospital, but she handled it like a boss. It was so beautiful to see her and Ember together, there were many wonderful eye-watering moments watching them bond together.

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A Nurse Can Make All The Difference.

THE BACKSTORY: Blue was caught totally off-guard by this shoulder pain, we tried several different solutions including shoulder rubs, walking, getting Blue fizzy water so she could burp, and anything else we could come up with throughout the night but it wasn’t until a nurse suggested some Gas-X that the pain went away.  We later […]

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See, We’re Just Like You.

THE BACKSTORY: It’s interesting to have people want to see you after you just gave birth to educate their students. Also, Hearthstone is fun thing to play sitting around in a hospital after surgery!

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So Close And Yet So Far

THE BACKSTORY: Marco had a bit of whatever was putting Blue under the weather before the baby’s delivery, but the OHSU staff didn’t seem too concerned about it.  The staff did a really good job to make sure we were all seeing Ember through the whole monitoring process, which was probably about 3 hours, but […]

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Nothing From The Nipples Down.

THE BACKSTORY: That last panel depicts a moment that was particularly important for Blue.  During the whole procedure. she felt very attached to this nurse, who had been incredibly comforting and grounding.  Blue mentions in memory that, as she was receiving her epidural, the nurse held her in a way that was incredibly intimate and […]

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About To Get Cut Open, No Big Deal.

THE BACKSTORY: Blue’s anesthesiologist had a really intense energy about him, I’m not sure if the first panel really does him justice.  That kind of energy can be reassuring, but major surgery is still major surgery.  The whole evening as I was thinking about Blue’s cesarean, I kept trying to hold back all the disaster fantasies […]

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