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Happy Holidays!

THE BACKSTORY: This is the most accurate I think I’ve ever drawn my family, every picture is an amalgamation of several photo sources as to replicate the photo collage cards we all send out to our loved ones. Dear readers, we hope this holiday season is treating you well and best wishes for the new […]

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Our Holiday Tree

THE BACKSTORY: Last year we had a small potted tree we decorated and christened the “Holiday Love Tree.” We had a neighbor that had given us some blank wood Christmas ornaments and we decided to give them our own touch. We are not Christian and, with my birthday being on December 24th, I’ve always had […]

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THE BACKSTORY: Sometimes people you love can help you see how other people love you, throughout your many different kinds of relationships. This comic was written awhile back, but we thought it would be good to post with the upcoming holidays, as many work to navigate complicated, long-term relationships, family and otherwise. Sometimes it’s hard for family […]

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