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Queerness And Science In Wickenburg

THE BACKSTORY: Note the football field. I am guessing students are encouraged to love football. I was so sad to see Project Wetlands at Wickenburg High School had died. I even wandered into the office and tried to ask what happened, but the person working the desk had no idea because it had been abandoned […]

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Dear Balancing Relationships…

Hi Blue, I’m involved in an intimate (non-romantic) relationship with about ten different people and I’m having serious trouble balancing my commitments without building resentment, causing hurt feelings, or being negligent. How can I work harder to be a more committed and reliable friend? Dear Balancing Relationships, While love may not be finite, time certainly […]

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Dear Meeting My Metamour…

I will be meeting my metamour for the first time in a few weeks and I’m so nervous! I have been in a relationship with T for about a year, T has been in a long distance relationship with M for about nine months. I know they’re in love and M is moving to our […]

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