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THE BACKSTORY: My personal picks are the leftover Lara Bars and cereal, though they are not so well preserved…

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Oh, The Wisdom Of Children

THE BACKSTORY:  Olive and Dingo, “The People’s Clowns,” are entertainers in Portland that you can check out more about here! There always seems to be some side-eye action from other adults when they find out about our arrangement of our family, but kids always seem to accept it no matter what, because, hey, parents are […]

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Making Memories And Nurturing Curiosity.

THE BACKSTORY:  Ever since we got our membership to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry we haven’t gone back.  Our child loves going there and no matter who they go with, they want to take a picture together at the photo booth.  The last panel is only an intimation of the grander spectrum of […]

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Co-parent Co-sleeping Positions.

THE BACKSTORY: Getting Ember to sleep, back to sleep, and or to stay asleep without breastfeeding presents its own set of challenges that largely relies on our willingness to let Ember figure out what’s most comfortable for them.  Because of this, the solutions arrived at are often unexpected, to say the least.

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Our Queer Little Village: Part 1

THE BACKSTORY: This is such a long comic and we are publishing it online in 2 parts because it was made for a full page in The Portland Mercury! We were invited to be in The Portland Mercury‘s Queer Issue and this is also why Matt did a special, lavender wash for this story. For this […]

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Multiparent Stalling Tactics For Beginners

THE BACKSTORY: Even the smallest of humans have will and determination of their own, it’s so beautiful watching our baby blossom into being able to communicate, even in these run around moments where our baby is using all their baby signs (signing is a huge help for an intelligent toddler who knows more words than they […]

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Slowly Coming Awake.

THE BACKSTORY: Taking Ember into the woods and the more verdant parts of Nature is an eye-opening experience not just for them but for us as well. Getting to see the tress, animals, and the surroundings from their perspective renews everything around us and is one of the most energizing and uplifting aspects of raising […]

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What A Time To Be A Baby…

THE BACKSTORY: Every day is a sort of new meditation on what the future holds for ourselves, and for Ember’s life.  It’s interesting to me that 3 Reagan babies would bring a baby into the world just as another demagogic, actor patriarch takes hold of the reigns of power. There’s an all too convenient narrative […]

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Let’s Not Get Too Far Ahead Of Ourselves.

THE BACKSTORY: When raising a baby, every little adjustment and step forward in autonomy feels like a massive weight off your chest, but all too often things happen in a pattern of “two steps forward, one step back.”  Sometimes certain things will get easier but other things will get harder. It’s always a process of […]

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Feeling Neglected? + Emerald City Comic Con

THE BACKSTORY: Transitioning into parenthood is intense and any kind of big identity transition can complicate the intimacy between people (not to mention other life complicating circumstances swirling about, like dealing with the fallout from trauma). Things can get away from you, you can take certain comforts for granted, especially when you’re vulnerable and struggling to […]

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