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We Will Live All These Seasons Part 5: The New

THE BACKSTORY: This poem is dedicated to our child. I love this picture I drew of them, I feel very proud of it for some reason.

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Preparing For Grief

THE BACKSTORY: There are certain things that you remember about your childhood very strongly, and this is a memory that comes up for Marco a lot.  Now that Hermelinda is going through chemotherapy, it’s come up more than ever.

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Making Memories And Nurturing Curiosity.

THE BACKSTORY:  Ever since we got our membership to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry we haven’t gone back.  Our child loves going there and no matter who they go with, they want to take a picture together at the photo booth.  The last panel is only an intimation of the grander spectrum of […]

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Mama Loves Ember And Ember Loves Mama.

THE BACKSTORY: Nothing quite describes the feeling you get when your child understands for the first time you request for a hug.  Love and appreciation comes so naturally to children, sometimes its hard to believe that there are people who lose that capacity or bury it underneath so much resentment, fear, and hate.  Children have […]

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Into This World.

THE BACKSTORY: We definitely had a lot of tough conversations about how we feel bringing a person into such a hard world. Ultimately, we hope that three loving parents will get them through some of the racist, illogical, destructive, sexist, and other problematic thinking of mainstream society… And that the planet won’t die before they do. […]

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