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To Lure A Louie

THE BACKSTORY: We soon discovered that Louie, our second foster dog from My Way Home Dog Rescue, couldn’t resist a good snuggle! Living in a polyamorous house means there are more humans to snuggle with. <3

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  THE BACKSTORY: After Bambi found his forever home we fostered another chihuahua from the My Way Home Dog Rescue. Even though they had some similarities, we soon found they had distinct personalities…

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Much Ado About Marlow

  THE BACKSTORY: I like to make jokes about non monogamy to others that might make them feel awkward… I am still not sure if it was awkward to make that joke to the volunteer coordinator of the dog rescue that we help with. IN OTHER NEWS: Sorry that this comic is a day late! […]

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Bambi Learns How To Sit…

THE BACKSTORY: We later realized that Bambi’s biggest obstacle wasn’t learning to sit, but that he didn’t want to sit on hard¬†surfaces (we had wood floors). We usually had to bring him to a rug to get him to sit, but he would do so as soon as he was on a soft surface. And, […]

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THE BACKSTORY: We’ve been helping foster dogs with My Way Home Dog Rescue¬†and this was our first adventure in fostering, taking in a little guy dubbed “Toro” who pretty instantly decided that Matt was HIS peron. The way Matt draws him jumping isn’t much of an exaggeration, he was an acrobat! As a triad living […]

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