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Weaning Cup

THE BACKSTORY: People laugh all the time but sometimes you get those deep hilarious laughs that you share with your friends. Do you like our comic? The biggest way to support our art is to share it! Whether you retweet on Twitter or mention it in person in conversation, telling others about our comic and podcast is […]

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Sharing Is Hard

THE BACKSTORY: Recently one of my friends of a few years asked me out, and a few dates later, she was sleeping over. This is a pretty big deal for me, first person giving me serious butterflies in my belly since I popped a baby out of it, but it’s also a big deal for […]

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Mama Dysmorphia

    THE BACKSTORY: I have been spending a lot of time processing all the feels of the last year and a half, trying to heal both my post surgery body and my post trauma brain. Navigating postpartum everything while having chronic PTSD severely rekindled, a lot of my survival and coping has looked like […]

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Multiparent Stalling Tactics For Beginners

THE BACKSTORY: Even the smallest of humans have will and determination of their own, it’s so beautiful watching our baby blossom into being able to communicate, even in these run around moments where our baby is using all their baby signs (signing is a huge help for an intelligent toddler who knows more words than they […]

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More Memorable Mammary Maneuvers

THE BACKSTORY: Blue’s spent a lot of time in almost every imaginable configuration of postures to feed Ember, so we figured just a handful more would be good to finish out this theme.

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More Variations On Blue’s Breastfeeding Poses.

THE BACKSTORY: We felt that there were some additions to the many states of breastfeeding that Blue has been through during her journey with Ember.

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Blue’s Many State’s Of Breastfeeding.

THE BACKSTORY: Blue spends so much of her time with Ember breastfeeding that we decided we were overdue for some breastfeeding montages…

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Do Cats Think They’re Polite?

THE BACKSTORY: Mona seems to break into the room where Ember is sleeping or feeding at the most inopportune times.  Of course, in her mind she just getting her needs met: “Hey, feed me!” “Hey, give me something warm to sleep on.”

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Special Visitors

THE BACKSTORY: Ember meets their Abuela and Tía!!

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