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Now Everyone Is Negotiating Boundaries.

THE BACKSTORY: As our child is discovering more and more of their speech capability, so too are they discovering the tremendous power it wields. One of the first words they learned and actively used was, “no,” and it seems they’re continuing to learn how to wield that boundary forging group of language in sometimes dramatic […]

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Expectant Couture

THE BACKSTORY: It’s rough being super pregnant in the summer! Also, heat is not my favorite kind of weather, so I tried to get a few pieces of clothing to keep me cooler while summer pregnant and that fit my style (the little sense of it that I have)… That style being mostly black colors, […]

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Dear Young & Non Monogamous…

“What advice do you have for young people (like teenagers) interested in non monogamy?” Dear Young & Non Monogamous, Well, first I would say be prepared for a long journey, with ups and downs. You already have vocabulary to express what you might want out of your relationships and that’s HUGE. I think if you continue […]

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