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Co-parent Co-sleeping Positions.

THE BACKSTORY: Getting Ember to sleep, back to sleep, and or to stay asleep without breastfeeding presents its own set of challenges that largely relies on our willingness to let Ember figure out what’s most comfortable for them.  Because of this, the solutions arrived at are often unexpected, to say the least.

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Mama Loves Ember And Ember Loves Mama.

THE BACKSTORY: Nothing quite describes the feeling you get when your child understands for the first time you request for a hug.  Love and appreciation comes so naturally to children, sometimes its hard to believe that there are people who lose that capacity or bury it underneath so much resentment, fear, and hate.  Children have […]

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Multiparent Stalling Tactics For Beginners

THE BACKSTORY: Even the smallest of humans have will and determination of their own, it’s so beautiful watching our baby blossom into being able to communicate, even in these run around moments where our baby is using all their baby signs (signing is a huge help for an intelligent toddler who knows more words than they […]

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Slowly Coming Awake.

THE BACKSTORY: Taking Ember into the woods and the more verdant parts of Nature is an eye-opening experience not just for them but for us as well. Getting to see the tress, animals, and the surroundings from their perspective renews everything around us and is one of the most energizing and uplifting aspects of raising […]

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Always Remember To Read The Warning Label.


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Chews Wisely.

THE BACKSTORY: Art is a food that we digest in our head and it inevitably feeds our body whether we’re aware of it or not.  What we read, watch, and listen to can inform us and allow us to attain some momentary transcendence from the mundane, but it can also misinform us, mislead us, and […]

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What A Time To Be A Baby…

THE BACKSTORY: Every day is a sort of new meditation on what the future holds for ourselves, and for Ember’s life.  It’s interesting to me that 3 Reagan babies would bring a baby into the world just as another demagogic, actor patriarch takes hold of the reigns of power. There’s an all too convenient narrative […]

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Variations In Soothing Techniques

THE BACKSTORY: Nowadays, the thumb does nothing for Ember. It can be difficult as a non-breastfeeding parent to get Ember to sleep or back to sleep, they get a lot of comfort from being with their Mama.  But it’s a wonderful bonding experience, and incredibly empowering when you can get a baby to sleep without […]

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An Airing Of Feared Shortcomings.

THE BACKSTORY: Blue has more than a decade of experience with childcare and its informed her in ways that are both intuitive and conscious.  That being said, it’s been challenging for Blue to raise a baby with two partners who aren’t experienced in childcare and aren’t experienced with the exceptionally difficult stage of early development […]

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Professional Experience Vs. Personal Experience

THE BACKSTORY: Blue has a lot of experience as a nanny and is surprised both by how much that experience has informed her and subconsciously guides her through motherhood and how much that experience is challenged in the realm of 24/7 parenting.

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