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What’s After TACC?

THE BACKSTORY: Coming out of Oregon Tradeswomen, processing my next steps meant a lot of thought and a lot of conversations with community… Do you like our comic? The biggest way to support our art is to share it! Whether you retweet on Twitter or mention it in person in conversation, telling others about our comic and […]

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Breaking Barriers and Breaking Hammers.

THE BACKSTORY: While doing the Oregon Tradeswomen program, we would go to different training centers and job sites to get experience and build our skills. We would be instructed and coached by different staff from Oregon Tradeswomen on these trip, as well as the staff of wherever we were visiting. Some pushed us hard than […]

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We Can Do It!

THE BACKSTORY: I had so many new and intense experiences while doing training with Oregon Tradeswomen… It’s difficult to narrow down ideas for what to capture in those seven weeks, but a positive aspect that stuck out was the unique moments of camaraderie and encouragement. Together, with nurturing and support as a community, we can […]

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Letting It Out

THE BACKSTORY: There’s a misconception that being non monogamous or polyamorous means someone is dating with frequency (and sometimes that stereotype causes people to judge non monogamous people negatively), but being open to date or fall in love with multiple people doesn’t mean it’s always happening! In writing this week’s comic, we felt it was […]

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Sharing Is Hard

THE BACKSTORY: Recently one of my friends of a few years asked me out, and a few dates later, she was sleeping over. This is a pretty big deal for me, first person giving me serious butterflies in my belly since I popped a baby out of it, but it’s also a big deal for […]

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My Community Refills Me

THE BACKSTORY: I am more than a cup, despite being a vessel of creation, and that give and take of feeling drained and feeling rejuvenated definitely finds balance with my close community.  I am so thankful for that balance.

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TFW You’re An Empty Cup

THE BACKSTORY: I’ve been writing more towards working on processing postpartum depression feels and my experiences, here we go digging deeper into my vulnerable self-healing and adjusting to motherhood over the next few comics…

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Our Queer Little Village: Part 1

THE BACKSTORY: This is such a long comic and we are publishing it online in 2 parts because it was made for a full page in The Portland Mercury! We were invited to be in The Portland Mercury‘s Queer Issue and this is also why Matt did a special, lavender wash for this story. For this […]

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Trauma Safety Plans For Going Out.

THE BACKSTORY: This was a comic that felt important for Marco and I to make. Marco and I both deal with what might be labeled chronic or complex PTSD. Not only from abusive parents, but also from growing up in poverty in violent cities like Phoenix and LA. I went to Maryvale High School in […]

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Nanny Mommy

THE BACKSTORY: I have been called nanny by many children, I have been pretty amused that Ember’s version of mommy has turned out to be “naaani.” In a weird way, it’s kind of grounding, it reminds me that I have a lot of experience guiding me in my vulnerable moments.

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