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Controlled Poison

THE BACKSTORY: The operating room was a surreal experience, especially once the surgery started.  “Tugging” was a bit of an understatement, there were moments were it looked like Blue’s torso was being shoved around.  Not that we could actually see much that was happening as there was a large blue tarp that covered our view […]

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Nothing From The Nipples Down.

THE BACKSTORY: That last panel depicts a moment that was particularly important for Blue.  During the whole procedure. she felt very attached to this nurse, who had been incredibly comforting and grounding.  Blue mentions in memory that, as she was receiving her epidural, the nurse held her in a way that was incredibly intimate and […]

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About To Get Cut Open, No Big Deal.

THE BACKSTORY: Blue’s anesthesiologist had a really intense energy about him, I’m not sure if the first panel really does him justice.  That kind of energy can be reassuring, but major surgery is still major surgery.  The whole evening as I was thinking about Blue’s cesarean, I kept trying to hold back all the disaster fantasies […]

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