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Building Carpentry Skills, Sharing Carpentry Advice.

Do you like our comic? The biggest way to support our art is to share it! Whether you retweet on Twitter or mention it in person in conversation, telling others about our comic and podcast is the best way to support us producing our polyamory-themed media! The second best way to support us is to subscribe on Patreon, […]

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OMG, A PODCAST? Sharing Is Caring is changing…

Here’s a MAJOR UPDATE from Blue! I have had trouble being motivated to sit and write since becoming pregnant and having a baby and I already have a few other writing projects, so putting out Sharing Is Caring material every week totally got back-burnered. I’ve been plotting to engage with this project in a more meaningful way […]

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Dear Seeking Online Support…

Hey everybody! Sharing Is Caring took a little hiatus while I was pregnant and working, then just basically overrun by some intense life stuff, but we have had our baby and are settling into a new house and I am working way less… So it’s time to get the Sharing Is Caring Thursday updates back […]

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BGD: 9 Strategies For Non-Oppressive Polyamory

Today, for our Sharing Is Caring Thursday update, I am super stoked to point you to one of my favorite write-ups about polyamory (on one of my favorite sites, Black Girl Dangerous), one that details a more critical analysis as to how one practices polyamory with a non oppressive approach… BGD: 9 Strategies For Non-Oppressive Polyamory. […]

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Celebrating Holidays With Multiple Partners…

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with more than one partner? Well, frankly, I am not that into Valentine’s Day exactly (partly due to the origin, partly due to the commercialization of love), but I do love any excuse to celebrate. Since the two major partners I have are close to each other, we often elect […]

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The Feeling Is Multiplied On the Radio!

We’re bringing you a special Friday update to let you know that Blue will be on Tonight with Dalila & SUN this Sunday, January 25th, for a show all about POLYAMORY! Also featuring a musical guest, Arkatex. The show runs from 8pm-10pm EST, so that’s 5pm-7pm PST (Oregon time).  Tonight with Dalila & SUN is a talk show […]

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Dear Young & Non Monogamous…

“What advice do you have for young people (like teenagers) interested in non monogamy?” Dear Young & Non Monogamous, Well, first I would say be prepared for a long journey, with ups and downs. You already have vocabulary to express what you might want out of your relationships and that’s HUGE. I think if you continue […]

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Dear Wondering…

“I am in my early twenties and really inexperienced with relationships, but I happen to be with a guy at the moment. I am not sure if I am in love and I think I might also be bisexual. I am curious about dating other people and dating women, but my boyfriend wants to be […]

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