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We finally launched a Patreon, can  you believe it?

We are so excited about launching The Feeling Is Multiplied on Patreon now (June of 2017) after two awesome years of making comics together! We’re working to make our art be more financially stable as we expand our multi-generational family (both having a child and also in having family come live with us).

Head on over to give us money if you want to see more comics and more podcasts or to access special the special rewards that come on our Patreon. You can gain access to behind-the-scenes stories, Matt’s Drawcasts of our comic (video of Matt drawing the comic and talking), personalized snail mail from us, early access of the comics, be in our podcast audience, zines that we’ve published of our comics, or even a guest appearance!

Check out a sample of one of Matt’s Drawcasts!

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