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So We Had To Move…


THE BACKSTORY: I cannot fully express the pain I felt when I saw my partner being berated by my housemate in this way.

We are all still working to unpack and  recover from this and other proceeding events that took place before our move out of that house.  It’s a long story that we won’t divulge into with this comic, but we felt it was important to cover atleast up to this point to give a picture of the betrayal we went through as a family and the humiliation and shame Blue went through as a recently fired pregnant woman living with an emotionally abusive (and covertly physically abusive) housemate.

On my part, this strip is month’s of unpacking my own inability to express and communicate my feelings surrounding this episode.  I didn’t want to draw this strip for the longest time, which is ultimately why we covered many of the events during the road-trip.  I’m really glad we ended up doing that because it allowed me to vicariously go on that trip with Blue and Marco and it gave me time to unpack my fears and pain surrounding what would ultimately become this strip.

I think there is still more time ahead for my family to unpack the consequences and trauma from this time in that house, but we are in a far better place than we were then.

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