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Talking Non Monogamy at ECCC!

In this sixth episode, we are featuring interviews about non monogamy at Emerald City Comic Con! We tabled there this year and had a great time, especially sharing our comic about polyamory and talking with people about non monogamy. Check out photos of the mini audio booth that Blue made…

It started with a box and foam, finished off with construction paper, washi, signs, and decorative duct tape!

People had some great experiences to share about their relationships, talking about everything from boundaries, solo polyamory, coparenting within non monogamy, to people’s favorite polyships. We hope you enjoy this episode!

Also, special shoutout to the person who told me about trying non monogamy Saturday morning when I was sleep deprived and full of sad mom feelings, thanks for being present with my sobbing as I talked about the struggles of practicing intersectional non monogamy. <3

The comic mentioned by one of the interviewees was Yes, Roya!

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Gender Assignment VS Autonomy + Polyshipping

This episode we dig into child rearing without gender assigning and what creating space for gender autonomy has meant to us as a non monogamous family. And we kind of implore you to consider trying it. We also share a submission to our polyshipping game… Spoiler alert: It’s a Star Wars one!

Do you want to smash the patriarchy? Do you hate the gender binary?Want to know more? Have something to share? Need advice?
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We mention the minicomic Nonbinary by Melanie Gillman, which you can find here:

We also mention the Portland shop where our first zine is carried, Books With Pictures:

Check out our comic online:

Sharing Is Caring Podcast! Episode 4: To Leave Or Not To Leave & #polyshipping

We’ve got episode 4 up over on soundcloud, check it out! In this episode, we respond to listener’s struggle to decide whether or not to leave her husband, with whom she has children, who isn’t respecting her boundaries. Matt, Marco, and Blue all dive into responses, offering thoughts on double standards in relationships, balancing labor within marriages and with co parenting, and how setting boundaries in your relationships is important for yourself to do and for your children to see you do.

We also introduce a hashtag game this week! #polyshipping: Your non monogamous relationship imaginings within popular stories or fandom. Send your #polyshipping to us via email or tweet to us with #polyshipping.

“I have been in an open marriage for a couple years, but I am feeling like my husband doesn’t listen to me or respect my boundaries. We started out as monogamous and, to be honest, I was kind of ignorant as to how bad my relationship was until we opened up. Now that I have processed feminism more deeply and am thinking more on consent and what my boundaries are, but my husband is just sleeping with whoever, even strippers and sex workers! We also have two kids. He is wealthy and I fear leaving I will get nothing, but maybe it would be easier to just be a single mom and not have to worry about dealing with his sexuality? I feel whenever I have dates he’s jealous and I am only allowed to date women.”

OMG, A PODCAST? Sharing Is Caring is changing…

Here’s a MAJOR UPDATE from Blue!

I have had trouble being motivated to sit and write since becoming pregnant and having a baby and I already have a few other writing projects, so putting out Sharing Is Caring material every week totally got back-burnered. I’ve been plotting to engage with this project in a more meaningful way that’s more fun for me and to get Marco more involved…. And now that our baby is one-year-old and we’re finding some more “free” time (lol), we’re announcing….

OMG, WE’RE LAUNCHING A PODCAST! That’s right, Sharing Is Caring is turning into a podcast on Thursdays. To kick things off, we’re even going to play around with the Facebook Live feature (so head over and like us on facebook and watch unedited video of our first podcast or find us on Periscope via our Twitter! Yeah, we’re pulling out all the stops to experiment with broadcasting our new baby. We’ll be broadcasting at 3pm PST, TODAY!

IF you miss the live show at 3pm today, don’t worry, you’ll be able to listen to the podcast later this evening on our new Soundcloud account.

Dear Seeking Online Support…

Hey everybody! Sharing Is Caring took a little hiatus while I was pregnant and working, then just basically overrun by some intense life stuff, but we have had our baby and are settling into a new house and I am working way less… So it’s time to get the Sharing Is Caring Thursday updates back in full swing!

Thanks for your patience, as we have a few advice questions that have queued up, as well as non monogamy resources and other radness that I have been hoping to share. Today we begin these updates again…

This one came through from our tumblr

What are some Polyamorous support groups that function primarily online? I’ve been looking for a site with forums and stuff like that where people chat and intermingle, unfortunately I live in a fairly closed off community and there isn’t a meet-and-greet poly-support group where I am, so I need to find one online 🙂

Dear Seeking Online Support,

It’s great that you’re looking for support online as you feel closed off where you are in your community. I belong to a couple of groups through facebook. The ones that are public on facebook are searchable (try searching facebook groups for non monogamy, polyamory, triad, or other identifiers that might be meaningful for you) and the ones that aren’t public you can’t find unless someone invites you to the group. Unfortunately, I am not part of any outside of facebook to recommend. I have found the groups that I am in, however, to be emotionally rewarding, places where I can both share and contribute meaningfully. So, my advice is to search facebook for some groups that may be appealing to you and to search online elsewhere… Also, it may be that if you started an in-person group in your area that you might find people to talk to in person. I wish I could offer you more suggestions, but I encourage any TFIM readers to comment with their suggestions!

Wishing You Successful Support Searching,


Want to ask advice? Think there’s a comic or movie or essay having to do with non monogamy that we should share? Write to us! thefeelingismultiplied [at] gmail [dot] com or ask on tumblr.