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Sharing Is Caring Podcast! Episode 4: To Leave Or Not To Leave & #polyshipping

We’ve got episode 4 up over on soundcloud, check it out! In this episode, we respond to listener’s struggle to decide whether or not to leave her husband, with whom she has children, who isn’t respecting her boundaries. Matt, Marco, and Blue all dive into responses, offering thoughts on double standards in relationships, balancing labor within marriages and with co parenting, and how setting boundaries in your relationships is important for yourself to do and for your children to see you do.

We also introduce a hashtag game this week! #polyshipping: Your non monogamous relationship imaginings within popular stories or fandom. Send your #polyshipping to us via email or tweet to us with #polyshipping.

“I have been in an open marriage for a couple years, but I am feeling like my husband doesn’t listen to me or respect my boundaries. We started out as monogamous and, to be honest, I was kind of ignorant as to how bad my relationship was until we opened up. Now that I have processed feminism more deeply and am thinking more on consent and what my boundaries are, but my husband is just sleeping with whoever, even strippers and sex workers! We also have two kids. He is wealthy and I fear leaving I will get nothing, but maybe it would be easier to just be a single mom and not have to worry about dealing with his sexuality? I feel whenever I have dates he’s jealous and I am only allowed to date women.”

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