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Kimchi Cuddles!

I (Blue) am super excited to start the first edition of Sharing Is Caring (updated on Thursdays) here on The Feeling Is Multiplied by telling YOU about MY favorite non-monogamy-themed comic, Kimchi Cuddles. It would be hard for me to pick one though, and the creator is pretty prolific, so you’ll find links throughout my list of reasons why I dig Kimchi Cuddles

Here’s why I love Kimchi Cuddles

Solidarity! I agree with A LOT of what is expressed in these comics in terms of ethics, communication, boundaries, values, and philosophy.
Diversity! From racial to gender to orientation to age and beyond, you’ll find a range of diversity within the cast of these comics (according to Kimchi, loosely based on reality).
Funny! It’s right up my alley in terms of funny, but I can’t promise it’lldo itfor you.
Relatable! To me anywaysI find myself thinkingI’ve totally had that happen!” about every other time I’m reading.
Educational! This comic often breaks things down for those who might be less experienced with non monogamy or provides helpful advice with a good sense of humour, which is pretty amazing in the quest for visibility and acceptance for “nontraditionalrelationships.

Okay, I went a little overboard with the links, but it’s a really fun comic and there’s just a lot to love. I actually reread the whole series in preparation for this post, still love it. I highly recommend you check out Kimchi Cuddles!


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