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Just When We Thought We Could Relax…


THE BACKSTORY: We pretty much bolted out of that house with the abusive housemate, taking everything we had, including our garden beds and the dirt inside them. It was the most frantic move of my life and we were all EXHAUSTED.

Poor Blue, everything before the move had taken a toll on her and had complicated her pregnancy.  Because she was in a stressful, traumatic environment and the baby was breeched (possibly also a result of the bad environment), her doctor had come to the conclusion that she was in a high-risk pregnancy and the vaginal birth that she wanted was highly advised against. This was a huge disappointment for Blue, we had been preparing ourselves for an ideal situation, and that situation just couldn’t happen without putting the baby in danger.  It felt like the rotten cherry on top of the shit cake we all had to eat because we had confided our trust in the wrong people…

But we were in a safer place now, we were away from people that actively tried to hurt us.  So long as the baby could come into a place that was safe and loving, to grow without constant fear of harassment or endangerment, that was what was most important.


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