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It’s Not About The Hair.


THE BACKSTORY: I called my grandpa up before our trip when I realized we’d be passing through Arizona. I told him that I was pregnant and I asked if he wanted to meet up during my roadtrip, explaining that I would be raising my baby with my two partners and that I was queer, and which partner would be with me when I visited. I don’t think he totally understood, but he said several times that he just wants me to be happy and healthy. I also told my grandpa that I was worried about him meeting my partner Marco and Marco’s mom and sister because I had remembered that he had said racist things in the past and they were Mexican, so I asked my grandpa if he thought he would have any trouble being respectful and he very pointedly reassured me he believed that “everyone bleeds red” and that it’s character that matters…. But he still has this redneck way of sassing people who aren’t conforming to norms. He also relentlessly sexually harassed the server at breakfast, which has been a thing he always does that makes me angry, but I insisted to him to knock it off, saying, “It’s not her job to hear you sexualize her, it’s not comfortable for a lot of workers to deal with harassment while working..” These are old battles. Sometimes those who love us just don’t know how to exactly. And yes, he has a hat that says “Old Fart” and it’s his favorite.

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