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We’re so flattered you’re interested in contributing! Every Thursday, for Sharing Is Caring, we share non-monogamy-related work by others. If you have a creative endeavor that has to do with non monogamy, we would love to support you with a signal boost! Your work would be posted here on our website and shared on our twitter, tumblr, and facebook.

We believe it’s mutually beneficial for us to connect each other and our stories to help humanize and familiarize our society and world with what non monogamous relationships can look like.

We review all submissions and we have a commitment with each other that anything The Feeling Is Multiplied promotes needs to be voted positively by at least two out of the three of us in order to qualify. We will always let you know either way.

We take NO ownership over any contributions, we simply will post contributions on our Sharing Is Caring posts with a link to your preferred url and, if you’d like, a brief bio.

After many years as a Portland Zine Symposium Organizer, seeing zines and publications from all around the world, Blue has noticed a definitive lack of publications about non monogamy and we’d love to help fill that void. If we share your contributions online, we will also invite you to contribute that work to a future print anthology of our community’s work. If you’d like to see your awesome work in print alongside others, we’ll also pay you a contributor’s fee, provide you with two complimentary copies of the book, and sell you additional copies at print-cost. We’ll provide you with more specific information about this as the project develops, if you want to contribute and write to us.