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Chews Wisely.

THE BACKSTORY: Art is a food that we digest in our head and it inevitably feeds our body whether we’re aware of it or not.  What we read, watch, and listen to can inform us and allow us to attain some momentary transcendence from the mundane, but it can also misinform us, mislead us, and ultimately bring us further from reality.  Art without critical inquiry and assessment has a way of affecting a person in ways they may never have the words for, and until the words are known, they might be haunted by ideology or ignorance without even knowing.  Misogyny, white supremacy, and other values of domination and oppression subsume into the words and pictures that surround us.  So raising a child with this knowledge of the culture they will grow up around presents unique challenges.

You’re in a position of curator but your ultimate goal is to inculcate the values that will allow your child to curate for themselves in a manner that is critical, self-affirming, and beneficial to their surroundings.When my parents raised me, their cultural agenda was to shield me from sex, violence (only sort of), profanity, and anything that promoted anti-christian sentiment.  Sure enough, many of the things they shielded me from are now my top interests. So for them, the way they curated my life worked against their own intentions. As well as severely limiting my exposure to the realities of life that I would later crash right in to, resulting in damage to people I love.  No parenting method is perfect, but I’m confident we can do better than our forebearers.

Our cultural agenda with Ember is to inform them about the realities of the world and to not shield them, which isn’t to say overtly expose them either, but to provide them with our perspectives and insights into all the injustices and brutalities that surround us.  We’ll provide the springboard, but they will determine their landing in the end.

Like all kids, they will grow up asking a multitude of deep questions concerning the nuanced and contradictory foibles of human nature as it appears in real life and in the fiction they consume.  I hope as their parent, that I’ll be up to the task of giving them the answers that will aid them in those concerns, that I won’t misinform or misdirect them from reality.


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