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Weaning Cup

THE BACKSTORY: People laugh all the time but sometimes you get those deep hilarious laughs that you share with your friends. Do you like our comic? The biggest way to support our art is to share it! Whether you retweet on Twitter or mention it in person in conversation, telling others about our comic and podcast is […]

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Red Flags And Foreshadowing

THE BACKSTORY: Blue and I had a lot of time to talk while on this road trip. We often talked about Matt and how we missed him so we would call to check in. This was a moment where I was having increased anxiety because we were closer to home. I was very worried about […]

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  THE BACKSTORY: After Bambi found his forever home we fostered another chihuahua from the My Way Home Dog Rescue. Even though they had some similarities, we soon found they had distinct personalities…

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