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Attempts At Reassurance

THE BACKSTORY: This was the tip of the iceberg, Marco experienced a lot of stress and panic whenever thinking about advocating for themself at their job because that company was built on the exploitation of latinx people, they outsourced a lot of labor to a call center in New Mexico, where the minimum wage is […]

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Sharing Is Caring Podcast! Episode 4: To Leave Or Not To Leave & #polyshipping

We’ve got episode 4 up over on soundcloud, check it out! In this episode, we respond to listener’s struggle to decide whether or not to leave her husband, with whom she has children, who isn’t respecting her boundaries. Matt, Marco, and Blue all dive into responses, offering thoughts on double standards in relationships, balancing labor within […]

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Panic Rises

THE BACKSTORY: The last few weeks of comics we’ve focused in a lot on the birth and the moments in the hospital just after not only because it is a really big life transition, but also because many of these moments the first days after birth really showcase some themes that we would grapple with the first few months […]

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Panic Begins To Set In

THE BACKSTORY: I felt really nurtured in the hospital, very understood, very comfortable. Everything was siple and focused, I could just rest, feed the baby, eat food, and read (I was making my way through Heaven’s Queen, I believe, the Paradox series is a must read). In our new house there would be quiet, but I […]

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Special Visitors

THE BACKSTORY: Ember meets their Abuela and Tía!!

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It’s A Full-Time Job Being A Baby.

THE BACKSTORY: Marco was really into that hearing test! Nothing to excite scifi nerds like scientific gadgets for sociological benefits! Marco and Matt both slept at the hospital with me at OHSU, what sweeties!

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See, We’re Just Like You.

THE BACKSTORY: It’s interesting to have people want to see you after you just gave birth to educate their students. Also, Hearthstone is fun thing to play sitting around in a hospital after surgery!

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OMG, A PODCAST? Sharing Is Caring is changing…

Here’s a MAJOR UPDATE from Blue! I have had trouble being motivated to sit and write since becoming pregnant and having a baby and I already have a few other writing projects, so putting out Sharing Is Caring material every week totally got back-burnered. I’ve been plotting to engage with this project in a more meaningful way […]

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Told You So

THE BACKSTORY: It’s pretty adorable to all of us that Matt and our baby share the same birthday! It’s also nice to get these birth comics wrapped up just before the baby’s first birthday. We apologize for posting the comic late, but our internet was down yesterday, so we just let it go into the […]

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Choice Revisited

THE BACKSTORY: I wish I could have seen my damn intestines. I wasn’t exactly planning a cesarean, but I wanted to accept it as my reality with bravery and thankfulness. There is no one way to give birth, but I feel like every way you can give birth is brave. I wanted to watch them […]

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