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The Feeling is Multiplied is a collective creative project by Matt Rainwater, Blue Crow, and Marco Padilla.

We plan to deliver you a fresh comic strip by us every Tuesday here on The Feeling Is Multiplied and we release a Sharing Is Caring podcast whenever we can, where we answer letters, respond to pleas for advice, share resources, or review stuff that we love. You can help us put out more podcasts by becoming our patron on Patreon! Our comics are about our lives together, as three adults in a non monogamous relationship. Marco, Matt and Blue have been living together for almost five years now, having been romantically involved some time before that.

Our mission with this project is to humanize and familiarize people with ideas about non monogamy through our creative expression. We aim to preemptively answer questions we face everyday about our relationships through the sharing of our experience on our own terms… And you’re invited to be a part of it!

If you’d like us to review or share your non-monogamy-related creative endeavor (comic, poem, short story, song, etc.) or resource, we’d love to support you, write to us!

If you’d like advice or have a question for us to answer, we’d love hear it, just click on over to the Podcast page. We might answer your question in our next podcast!


Blue Crow is a queer woman who has worked as a nanny, a teacher, and some other odd jobs.. And now is mostly a mom. She loves neurology and biology, but was a biology-major-drop-out. She teaches a range of topics at a middle school, including zines, comics, debate, social justice, and games. She was a Portland Zine Symposium organizer for 7 years before burning out and retiring to focus on her own creative endeavors and youth work. She founded, edited, and helped run Stumptown Underground, a regular zine anthology, for three years and also was a staff volunteer for a few years at the Independent Publishing Resource Center for open hours and teaching workshops. She is passionate about creativity, social justice ethics, activism in solidarity with her community, collaboration, veganism, education reform, and being a radical queer parent. Her interests include gardening, nature adventures, biking, Do-It-Together projects, learning how to make clothes, singing, board games, cooking, jogging, video games, reading, going to creative performances, and spending quality time with friends.

Marco Padilla is a software developer for a large company, but makes cool sites for awesome folks on the side – like this one! They are working on their own portfolio of website work, coming soon. Marco is vegan, plays keyboard and drums, sings beautifully, composes, is learning ballet, makes delicious pizza, and is passionate about many forms of art. Marco has a soft spot for British dramas (Downton Abby) and murder mysteries (especially Miss Marple).  They are also community engaged, organizing and volunteering with Rank Choice Voting Portland.

Matt Rainwater is a self-publisher, cartoonist, and freelance illustrator. He works on several comics simultaneously, such as Trailer Park Warlock (an action comedy about a warlock for hire and his struggles to make ends meet), as well as coloring the books Plants Vs. Zombies, published by Dark Horse Comics. Matt is passionate about Art and all the possibilities that lie therein, but especially comics, renaissance painting, radio broadcasting, music, and cinema. He is also a huge science fan, and sometimes deluded enough to think himself an actual scientist… His favorite science educators/researchers are Richard Feynman, Leonard Susskind, Carl Sagan, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Temple Grandin. Outside of personal projects, Matt devotes his energy to supporting and collaborating with his friends and loved ones and works to build a community of people bonded by creativity and mutual respect.