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We didn’t like the answer….

Well, over the years we’ve been trying to multiply the feelings here, but it turns out the equation was just not balanced.

I am terribly heartbroken to let everyone know that Matt has ended their relationship with me, Blue, saying they no longer have romantic feelings for me. I feel deeply hurt and do not believe I can continue to make this project with him, especially as it’s been so difficult to collaborate and write about the trauma with Matt and my father in this autobio comic, where it would be going next. I can’t imagine doing that with where things are between Matt and I. I have made some major writing progress about that trauma and it may be released in the future as a different project. If you are curious about keeping up with my various projects, you can find me on Twitter and Instagram as lovemotionstory. If you would like to write me, you can reach me at There will be no new The Feeling Is Multiplied releases in the foreseeable future. We will be ending our Patreon.

Thank you for the years of readership, buying our comics, sharing with others. Thank you for seeing us and I hoped being open about our lives through art has helped you feel seen. I have loved making this comic, I hope I go on to write more on different projects.

With Love,

Blue Crow